Belle & Ezekiel fashion business cards

Belle & Ezekiel Preloved Clothing Business Card

Banana Chocolate designed these business cards for Belle & Ezekiel, a brand that offers pre-loved clothing for busy moms.

The brand name, Belle & Ezekiel, was inspired by the names of the founder and her son.

The idea behind the brand is to inspire moms by giving them a space to connect with themselves and their identities through preloved and curated clothes.

Belle & Ezequiel is also a platform for moms to exchange experiences, forming a community to motivate one another. The clothing is selected with love and care to give them a new opportunity.

Belle & Ezekiel fashion logo


A Lioness Logo & Spotty Pattern

The business card design is visually appealing and has a unique personality. With the lioness logo, it gives a fearless vibe while still being colourful at the same time.

“We wanted to represent this strength and energy for the logo and brand identity with a lioness because of her personality and the meaning of power on a spiritual level,” said Barbara, the graphic designer of Banana Chocolate.

A spotty pattern was created on the back of the business card to make it stand out even more!

“The pattern was inspired by the idea of creating a pint to represent the originality and creativity of the clothes that the brand owner is going to sell on Instagram (for now) and in a physical shop (in the future).”

Belle & Ezekiel fashion logo and pattern


Handwritten Typography and Vibrant Colours

The typeface used for the visual identity is called Bakermaker.

Barbara wanted to use a handwritten font for her client’s brand to show creativity, affection, and closeness.

The choice of a bright and vibrant colour palette was made in an effort to communicate energy, creativity, warmth, happiness, nature, renewal, and freshness.

And, of course, how can we forget that special logo, in which Barbara explained that the purple lioness represents power and magic on a spiritual level.

Belle & Ezekiel fashion colours


The Printing of Business Cards

Although these business cards haven’t been printed yet, Barbara suggested having them printed on a recycled matte, 300gsm uncoated paper stock in standard format.

Overall, this is a playful and eye-catching business card design that’s guaranteed to make an impact with its unique style and creativity.


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Designed by Banana Chocolate

For Belle & Ezekiel

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