Behavior Therapy business cards

Behavior Therapy Business Card

Thanasis Kamenidis designed these business cards for Behavior Therapy, a scientific institution specializing in children and adolescent’s development and support. It is based in Athens, Greece.

When asked about the idea behind the design, Thanasis replied, “The inspiration for this branding came from the struggle one needed to go through during the process of therapy, to ultimately reach your goal.”

“Therefore, we use a small letter ‘b’ to represent the starting point, while a capital ‘Β’ symbolizing the desired destination.”

Behavior Therapy logoBehavior Therapy business card

This is a clean and modern business card design that comes in different versions. Different lines are drawn between the two alphabets, creating different logotypes for the brand. As for the letter ‘b’s, they stand for the brand name ‘Behavior’.

“The diversity of the lines drawn represents the different paths used by different people to reach the same goal.”

As for the colours used in the visual identity, “I wanted to use pale colours which are used in psychology,” Thanasis said.

These business cards were printed on 300gsm paper with matte lamination and Pantone colours.

Behavior Therapy Stationary5Behavior Therapy Stationary2Behavior Therapy Stationary3Behavior Therapy Stationary4Behavior Therapy Stationary6

Designed by Thanasis Kamenidis

For Behavior Therapy

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