Bailey’s Northampton business card

Bailey’s Northampton Hair Stylist Business Card

Ellie Barker designed these business cards for Bailey’s Northampton, a group of hairdressers who are specializing in extension training and bridal hair.

According to Ellie, the client needed a mix of business cards that catered to each sub brand.

“We wanted to create a brand that could transfer across the 3 areas that Bailey’s offer – Bridal Hair, Training Academy and Hairdressing.”

Bailey’s Northampton illustration and logo

“Inspired by minimal branding, with neutral tones that are timeless and can be easily applied to stationery, merchandise etc., a ’natural’ look achieved.”

“The logo uses the font IvyMode and has been edited to feature a custom design – elongating the ‘A’ with a lovely flick.”

“For the stationery for Bailey’s Bridal, we wanted it to appeal to brides so replicated a wedding invite suite, which the staff of Bailey’s can hand out at wedding fairs to showcase their offering – an illustrated flower was added to the Bridal range only, to separate slightly from the other two areas (academy + hair).”

Bailey’s Northampton business cards

“Texture and simplicity were really important in this project to bring the brand to life in a luxury way,” Ellie said.

“The plans for the additional stationery include using textured paper and potentially adding some blind letterpress for that luxury finish.”

These business cards were printed by MOO using raised Spot UV on the logo on the front and stamp logo on the back.

As Ellie put it, “Very subtle detail but it adds a lot of luxury. The business card is velvet textured and very luxury.”


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Bailey’s Northampton businesscardBailey’s Northampton stationeryBailey’s Northampton logo Bailey’s Northampton stationery2Bailey’s Northampton stationery

Designed by Ellie Barker

Printed by MOO

For Bailey’s Northampton

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