Azure Hostel business card

Azure Hostel Business Card

Wide & Narrow designed these business cards for Azure, a hostel located in Bangkok, Thailand.

“Azure Hostel is one of the hostels we worked with. It is where the classic Thai culture and ancestral atmosphere have mostly been kept alive. It is more than fascinating to see the contrast of history and modern society happening at the same space,” said Poom, the Graphic Designer of Wide & Narrow.

Azure pictogram
Wide & Narrow managed the branding project including designing the logo, pictogram, signage and business cards.

Speaking of the design inspiration, Poom continued, “We drew inspirations from the building, architecture and history of the hostel, and finally matched them with practical usage of those designs.”

Azure logo
“One of the key reasons that our logo design contains full logo, logo mark and logotype is the requirement for flexibility in the need of digital media and printing. We design our logotype to remain classic in order to correlate with the memoir of the spaces, particularly on the graphic line.”

“The graphic line came from our inspirational hints of 100-year-old architecture e.g. the iron ingot that laid out on the windows; and the details of the sun and the moon came from the hostel’s 24-hour welcoming message for the tourists.”

Azure Hostel coloursAzure Hostel logotypeAzure Hostel windows
These business cards were printed on coated paper by a local printing company in Bangkok.

“We used special paper that is higher in weight and texture. The coating of the paper allows us to enable true colour tone, while printing with Giclée (a type of large format inkjet printer) enables us to divert from the pantone,” Poom said.

Azure Hostel business cardAzure Hostel business cardsAzure Hostel1Azure Hostel2Azure Hostel keycardAzure Hostel keycard2

Designed by Wide & Narrow

For Azure Hostel

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