Ayoka Jewellery businesscard

Ayoka Jewellery Business Card

Lucy’s Logos designed these business cards for Ayoka Jewellery, a luxury jewelry retailer based in London, planning to launch their first collection soon.

“For the main logo, we wanted something clean but interesting. Not too much, but enough. That’s why we added the extensions on the Y and K,” Lucy said.

Ayoka Jewellery submarks


Typography & Colour Palette

Speaking of the typography and pattern, she continued, “The font, Nourishe, was everything we wanted and more for the brand – we even used it without the glyphs for the tagline and throughout the submarks.”

“With the submarks, we had a little more fun – adding in the gemstones, stars and moons to give the brand that luxury and special feel. We also turned these into brand patterns to be used across packaging.”

“The colour palette was inspired by gemstones – but in a muted way. Rather than the standard Ruby/Emerald colours, we wanted something that complimented the beige and cream core colours and could be transferred across all parts of the brand.”

“We also wanted colours that looked good with gold, as the majority of Ayoka’s pieces will be gold.”

Ayoka Jewellery main logo


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by MOO.

According to Lucy, “For these cards, I didn’t go overboard with the textures/feels/effects. I simply did them in MOO’s Super range with a matte lam on.”

“The design is minimal and the print matches this. The laminate gives it that slight luxury edge it needs to still look and feel amazing, without breaking the bank!”

Ayoka Jewellery business cardAyoka Jewellery brand pattern1Ayoka Jewellery businesscardsAyoka Jewellery brand pattern2Ayoka Jewellery business cards

Designed by Lucy’s Logos

Printed by MOO

For Ayoka Jewellery

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