Austerlitz business card

Austerlitz Digital Marketing Business Card

Studio Vicente Granger designed these business cards for Austerlitz, a Paris-based digital marketing and data visualization agency.

Austerlitz is formed by marketing experts who are experienced in digital strategy and launching marketing campaigns, and professionals such as graphic and motion designers. When these skills are combined, campaigns are guaranteed to be both effective and successful.

For a company that’s so specific in its analysis and strategy planning, the business card design needs to stand out and show that Austerlitz can be the pioneer and go-to company for its target customers.


The Deconstruction and Rotation of the Logo Design

What you can see here is a bold, modern business card design with a “start-up oriented” style. The business card may look simple at first glance, but it actually has a thoughtful design that expresses the brand brilliantly!

Taken from the initials of the brand name, Austerlitz, the letter “A” plays an important role in the formation of the company’s logo.

“As a public relation and digital marketing agency, Austerlitz deploys a 360-degree communication strategy through all different channels,” explained Vicente Granger, the founder of the design studio.

“The letter ‘A’, after deconstruction/rotation, becomes an ‘explosion’ symbol. This graphic symbol expresses the power and impact that a good digital strategy can give.”


The Explosive Pattern on the Back Design

Obviously, the design didn’t stop here. The logo was further evolved to create multiple patterns that the brand used in their brand assets. For one, the back design of the business cards.

Vicente explained further, “The graphic system for this identity is based on the multiplication of the logo/symbol, through different outputs.”

“The logo is deployed in a bold, radical and impactful way.”


Modern Typography and Colours

The typeface used for the logotype is called Moderat Bold. It’s a bold, modern and perfectly designed sans serif font that matches the company’s brand identity.

As for the choice of colour, Vicente said, “We wanted a modern and digital corporate colour, which is why we chose a powerful RVB Blue.”


The Printing of Business Cards

When it comes to card-printing, Vicente suggested printing the business cards on a very thick uncoated paper (more than 350gr) with a blue pantone.

“There will be no embossing for these business cards. As a finishing touch, the edges can be painted in the same blue pantone,” he added.


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Designed by Studio Vicente Granger

For Austerlitz

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