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Atypical Coffee Business Card: Raw Authenticity & Sophistication

Behalf Studio designed these business cards for Atypical Coffee, a specialty coffee roastery based in Saigon, Vietnam.

Atypical Coffee sells coffee both in stores and wholesale. They create their coffee by blending carefully selected local and imported flavors using a high-quality brewing process.

Their main product, the cold brews named “Atypical Dose,” comes in various flavours and blends. These are named after different neighbourhoods in Saigon, catering to people with all kinds of tastes and preferences.

But what about their business cards? Read on.


Unique Business Cards

In order to capture the essence of the brand, Behalf Studio designed business cards that echo Atypical Coffee’s raw authenticity.

The cards feature a unique shape and pattern inspired by the facade of the city, with irregular contours and textured patterns reminiscent of concrete walls and graffiti.

This design choice gives the business card a handmade, artisanal, youthful and edgy vibe.

Complemented by gold lettering, the overall design achieves a simple yet elegant look.

Atypical coffee product_business card


Brand Image & Logo Design

To understand the concept behind the design, one needs to know that it’s Behalf Studio’s goal to combine the raw essence of Saigon’s street culture with the sophistication of Atypical Coffee’s products.

This fusion is evident in the custom stencil-inspired logotype, drawing inspiration from the iconic “Concrete Drillers” (Khoan cắt bê-tông) graffiti commonly found on Saigon’s walls.

The resulting typographic uniqueness adds an urban, artistic vibe, setting Atypical apart in a market saturated with conventional designs.

Atypical Coffee logotype


Colour Palette & Label Designs

The emphasis on the rawness of Saigon’s street culture and the peculiar walls suggests a palette that incorporates earthy tones.

While the business cards used mainly urban grey and gold foiled letters, vibrant pops of colour are used for the brand’s packaging system and collateral, which prominently feature photographic images of Saigon’s walls, providing a rustic and colourful visual identity.

The focus on iconic walls from different neighbourhoods, with each flavour named after them, adds a layer of storytelling to the design.

Collage labels, created using HP Indigo’s latest technologies, further enhance the brand’s fragmented perception of the city.

Atypical Coffee_labels


Printing of Business Cards

While Behalf Studio didn’t specify the printing details for the business cards, it’s clear that gold foil and letterpress printing techniques were applied to the business cards for that luxurious touch.

The intentional irregular cut on one side of the card ensures a lasting impression on potential customers, symbolising the uniqueness that Atypical Coffee represents.


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Designed by Behalf Studio

For Atypical Coffee

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