Attoja handmade jewelry business card

Attoja Botanical Jewelry Business Card

Poulami Ghosh designed these business cards for Attoja, a small business that sells handmade botanical jewelry and home decor.

This jewelry business card design uses artistic lettering for the logo and hand-drawn illustrations that give the brand a more earthy and natural touch.


A Minimal yet Impressive Brand Image

Attoja is a homegrown small business brand working towards the safekeeping of parts of nature in the most sustainable way. They ethically collect botanicals from around the globe to preserve them for you.

According to Poulami, the brand name Attoja (আত্মজা) is a Bengali word meaning “born from one’s own part”. Synonymously, it also means “daughter.”

“Curating unique pieces, Attoja aims to be a nature-safe keeper in her own unique way.”

“The client insisted that the logo should be unique and distinctive as it personifies the entire brand’s identity in a piece.”

“Most importantly, branding should not only be minimal, but it has to leave a great impression in the memory of everyone who comes across it.”

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A Hand-Drawn Doe for the Logo

Since the client is a huge fan of Harry Potter, she has chosen her brand identity as “Nature’s Patronum.”

Poulami explained, “To honour her inner energy, I have chosen a ‘Doe Patronus’. The doe is fiercely protective of its loved ones, as displayed through its caring and nurturing nature.”

“The doe is also representative of gentleness and strong determination. It has a high level of intuition and sensitivity, which helps it battles life’s challenges with the utmost grace and vigilance.”

A preserving bottle illustration is another nod to the client’s business and can be seen on the contact side of the business card.

The heart-shaped bottle is a nice rendition showing the owner’s appreciation for both her work and the natural world.

Attoja handmade jewelry logo definition


A Nature-Inspired Colour Palette and Pattern Design

The main logo font is customized with the help of three fonts: Belgedes, Anytime Soon, and Aliza Bright.

“As for the pattern, it’s mainly a combination of botanicals and flowers, which tends to represent the essence of the safekeeping of mother nature.”

“To bring out the natural tones, a combination of earthly colours along with lighter compliments has been used.”

“The brownish tone represents the earth. The skin and off-white colour complement the darker shade to enhance the brand’s soothing personality.”

These business cards have been locally printed by the client herself. Poulami suggested having the cards printed on matte finish paper and they should be embossed.


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Designed by Poulami Ghosh

For Attoja Jewelry

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