Attic & Eaves business cards

Attic & Eaves Home Inspection Business Card

Abigail Stone designed these business cards for Attic & Eaves, a home inspection company in New York and Connecticut.

Attic & Eaves specializes in providing in-depth home inspections, as well as water radon testing for primary and second homes.

The majority of service providers today tend to have very generic branding. In order to make an impact on the market, Abigail’s strategy was to come up with a design that’s both memorable and one-of-a-kind.

“The client wanted to stand out from the crowd with a colourful and eye-catching brand,” Abigail said.

The business card design has a contemporary vibe with a beautiful illustration and an inviting colour palette. The well-chosen typography complements the overall design and expresses a fresh feel. It also helps give the brand a professional image.

Attic & Eaves_LogoAttic & Eaves illustration

“The bold typeface was created specifically for this branding project. Using illustrator tools, I distorted and manipulated the points in order to create a flowing typeface,” Abigail explained.

“As for the colours, they were inspired by 3D model art. It’s rare to see the competition using interesting colour palettes with bold colours like this one. They are usually white, blue, black and white.”

The illustration on the business card was inspired by Victorian architecture.

“Victorian architecture speaks to the business name and is a common style found in New York and Connecticut, where business is done,” Abigail added.

Vistaprint printed these business cards on heavy cardstock with blue painted edges.

Attic & Eaves business cards_2Attic & Eaves_pins

Designed by Abigail Stone

Printed by Vistaprint

For Attic & Eaves

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