Atomicvibe Design Studio Business Card

Jon Stapp created these business cards for his design studio named atomicvibe, specializing in branding, logo design, illustration, custom lettering and pattern making.

The Inspiration behind the Business Name and Design

The inspiration for the business name comes from the attitude and aesthetic of the Atomic Age – an exciting era of major scientific discovery and progress – that moved us forward in substantial ways and touched every aspect of life.

Borrowing from the principles of nuclear fusion, the name ‘atomicvibe’ represents that sudden moment of inspiration and clarity in the creative process when tiny ideas coalesce and explode into meaningful design.

This concept is reflected in the logo, which depicts two hands (representative of abstract A and V shapes) coming together, and a resulting outward explosion.

According to Jon, these business cards are a physical manifestation of this underlying concept. They are intended to feel both retro and modern, and exude a scientific and technical aesthetic.

The hexagon shape is integral to the atomicvibe brand, and the inter-connectivity of the hexagons in the background pattern is a reference to chemical formula diagrams.

With their unique shape, extreme thickness, and brilliant fluorescent color, these cards are meant to be attention grabbing and unforgettable.


Business Card Printing Details

When asked about the printing process, “These letterpress-printed cards feature a custom, hexagonal die cut, which is inspired by the shape of the logo,” Jon said.

“To add thickness, and to preserve the deep, sculptural impressions on either side, the fronts and backs were printed separately on heavy cover weight paper, and then were custom triplexed together with a third sheet of thick cover weight paper in between.”

“The fronts use 3 spot Pantone inks, including PMS 805, a bright fluorescent red, in addition to a blind pattern impression, and were printed on French Muscletone Starch White 140C paper. The backs use silver foil stamping in addition to a blind pattern impression, and were printed on Neenah Environment Wrought Iron 130C paper.”

PMS 805 is UV-reactive, so the fronts of these cards glow like crazy in blacklight – talking about attention grabber!


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Designed by Jon Stapp – Founder & Creative Director of atomicvibe

Printed by Mama’s Sauce

For atomicvibe

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