Atelier Ukiyo busienss cards1

Atelier Ukiyo Ceramics Business Card

Studio Posen designed these business cards for Atelier Ukiyo, a ceramics studio based in Belgium, owned by Katrien Vandenberghe.

“I actually met Katrien a long time ago, when Studio Posen just started. At that time, she was opening up the lovely Thelma Coffee and Design, a concept store, in Leuven. She asked me to design some illustrations to spruce-up the business cards, gift cards etc,” said Kristel Posen, the graphic designer at Studio Posen.

“After a few years, she got in touch again and had another great idea – she wanted to start-up a ceramics studio and to create a feminine identity to go with it. We were really excited getting this opportunity!”

“Designing a logo for a ceramics studio was a dream for us. So we started out exchanging ideas and inspirations.”

“Katrien was very interested in having earthy and pastel tones, so we designed a palette that breathes ceramics.”

“The shapes were inspired by drawings of Japanese ceramics. Stacking them up like you would do in the atelier, creates a certain dynamic that also reflects in Katrien’s work.”

The font used in the visual identity is called Agentur from Good Type Foundry.

These business cards were printed on uncoated white paper by Zwartopwit.

“I love uncoated paper, the colours seem to blend in much more in the surface of the business card. It created the look we had in mind for the brand, Ukiyo Ceramics,” Kristel said.

Atelier Ukiyo busienss cards

Designed by Studio Posen

Printed by Zwartopwit

For Atelier Ukiyo (Katrien Vandenberghe)

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