Arshin business cards

Arshin National Carpet Museum Business Card

Aynur Hasanova designed these business cards for Arshin, a national carpet museum that exhibits antique and unique carpets that represent the cultural and spiritual heritage of Azerbaijan.

This is a personal project for Aynur in which she stated, “My interest in local culture and handwork are the main motivations behind my choice of topic.”


The Idea of Modernizing the Brand

The business card design is super eye-catching due to its striking red and white combination, and also some decorative patterns associated with carpet weaving.

According to Aynur, “The business card is designed to present patterns on carpets in a new style. At the same time, the brand hopes to instill respect and loyalty to the ancient carpet-making culture.”

“Also, the red colour on the business cards represents energy, power and trust.”


The Inspiration Behind the Logo & Pattern Design

The logo design was formed by the combination of carpet pattern, ornament and the brand name itself – Arshin.

“The word, Arshin, was referring to a unit of measure (approximately 27 inches) in the Ottoman empire, which was mainly used to measure fabric/cloth/textile in bazaars or markets,” Aynur said.

“The back design (of the business card) represents various string patterns and ornaments used in carpet marketing. Whether these patterns can be differentiated or not, it all depends on their usage, which leads up to the client’s own decision.”

Arshin logo


The Typography & Striking Red

The primary typeface used for the logotype is Antonio, which according to Aynur, completes the brand symbol or logo perfectly.

For the typography used on the business card design, they are Hagrid and Montserrat.

“In my opinion, Hagrid is a good choice for making billboards, posters, etc. It’s both attractive and alluring, whereas no headers and texts on the web are more readable with Monserrat,” she said.

Aynur used mainly red for Ashin’s business card design. She explained, “Red is the most commonly used colour in the rich carpet-making culture of our nation.”

“On the other hand, I believe red symbolises energy and helps to persuasively convey emotions and expressions. It speaks for leadership as well as stimulates being determined.”

“By the way, it’s very common that red reflects pomegranate on carpets.”

Arshin tickets and tags


The Printing of Business Cards

Although these business cards are not printed, Aynur has a good idea of how they’d turn out.

“I would recommend printing them on 90*50 cm sized matt embossed paper.”

Letterpress printing of the ornaments on the business cards would make them appear more attractive too,” she added.


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Designed by Aynur Hasanova

For Arshin National Carpet Museum

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