AROMA business card

AROMA Candles Business Card

Monika Pernavaite designed these business cards for AROMA, a company that produces handmade therapeutical candles with essential oil for various purposes such as stress and anxiety relief, meditation, better sleep and many more.

The client approached Monika for the rebranding project which included naming, logo design and packaging design.

AROMA logo
“The name AROMA is a combination of the owners name and the product feature: AAroMatteo + aroma – a distinctive pleasant smell. The wordmark is a custom type designed to adapt to multiple mediums – from print, to digital domains yet present in a characteristic and distinct manner,” Monika said.

AROMA business card_versions
The business card design is minimal yet memorable, thanks to the smart use of arrow and a catchy letter ‘o’ from the custom typography.

“We wanted the business cards to be interesting and characteristic as well, as opposed to only serve for information purposes,” Monika added.

These business cards were printed on matte paper with a glossy accent finish over the pebble pattern on the back and AROMA wordmark on the information side of the card.

AROMA business cardAROMA stationeryAROMA packaging and tagsAROMA boxesAROMA product catalogueAROMA business card and invoice

Designed by Monika Pernavaite


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