Arbocala business cards

Arbocala Winery Business Card

Adri García designed these business cards for Arbocala, a winery that is known for its long family heritage (more than 100 years) and the constant innovation to achieve the excellence on the wine.

“Arbocala Winery takes its name from a pre-Roman village whose territory, according to some historians, is occupied by the city of Toro (Zamora, Spain) nowadays. I was requested to develop the brand identity with stationery and wines brochure,” Adri said.

Speaking further about his design inspiration, Adri said, “I always try to reflect the principal characteristics of the brand on the visuals. In this case, it was important to express heritage, tradition and excellence, but with a slightly more modern and updated design. Based on this, the logo is a representation of a family coat of arms, which combines the three key elements in wine elaboration: the vineyards, the warehouse and the passage of time. The choice of a coat of arms as the main element reflects the familiar heritage of the winery, and the simple and modern treatment of the mark shows this updated part of Arbocala.”

Arbocala brandingArbocala_Construction
“Also, a visual system was established for stationery and other applications, where each of the key factors is associated with a specific colour and pattern: the wine is represented by the wavy pattern and the red colour; the vineyard with diagonal lines pattern and green colour while the time and weather with dots pattern and yellow colour.”

The fonts used in the visual identity including Sharp Grotesk 10 on the logo, Sharp Grotesk 25 for headers and Akkurat for the texts. As for the business cards, Adri divided all the contact information on a table with the brand stamp.

“This design is inspired by the old labels used on alcohol drinks to classify the bottles,” he explained.

Arbocala business cards
These business cards are not printed but Adri did share with us his printing suggestions, “Talking about the paper, it was important to choose an elegant and quality paper. That is why I decided to use a 300 gr Fedrigoni Sirio Color Nude, a coloured and uncoated paper which fits perfectly with the brand. In terms of finishes, the idea was to use letterpress technique on the logo and the waves (on the back side of the card) to add a nicer tactile sensation.”


Designed by Adri García

For Arbocala

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