Antonio Ruggiero Insurance Consulting Business Cards

Antonio Ruggiero Insurance Consulting Business Card

Paolo De Angelis designed these business cards for Antonio Ruggiero, an insurance consultant who mainly deals with private consultancy for families and businesses.

Unlike competitors who offer less targeted and personalized services, Antonio offers a wide range of solutions suitable for any type of problem (multi-mandate).

“The business card was designed for a professional with a keen sense of elegance and refinement, who often wears tailored blue suits,” Paolo said.

“The idea was to make customers perceive these same values through the business card which therefore becomes a material extension of the values of the professional himself.”


Logo Design & Concept

Apart from its minimalist nature, a pyramid is used as part of the logo.

Explaining the concept behind this, Paolo continued, “The figure of the insurer is often demonized and associated with a ‘debt collector’.”

“Antonio, on the other hand, is an exemplary professional, who understands people and is able to find the most suitable solution for every single need.”

“He helps and supports the customer to build a bright future starting from the design of a solid present.”

“The pyramid, therefore, becomes an icon of ascension, of the construction of something starting from a firm foundation.”

“This pyramid has five steps/levels in the pictogram, which takes up the famous Maslow pyramid (or pyramid of needs) which is a motivational model of human development based on a hierarchy of needs, arranged precisely in a pyramid.”

“These needs, in fact, are arranged in five levels and the desire for security (good health, good economic situation, stability) occupies the second.”

“Only by having a good insurance strategy and being supported by an excellent professional, can you aspire to the top of the pyramid.”

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The primary typeface used in the visual identity is Museo Slab 500.

“This graceful font reflects the principle of solidity, reliability, but also conveys a modern message, which looks to the future,” Paolo explained.

“The secondary typeface, Open Sans Regular, is a modern, clean, linear, no frills font that hits the target.”

“This type also expresses frankness – the desire to pursue a goal and reach it in a clear and targeted way.”

Antonio Ruggiero logo


Business Card Printing

These business cards were letterpress-printed on Fedrigoni Materica Cobalt, which is a premium and versatile soft-touch cotton paper.

“We have created the entire coordinated image by reiterating the concept of strength, protection, using a very thick cobalt-coloured paper, as a synonym for economic security.”

“The materiality of the paper adds an elegant and refined tone to the overall branding.”

According to Paolo, they opted for letterpress printing technique for the logo to represent it as a seal of guarantee, strength and reliability.

“The logo is always positioned at the bottom left as a diagonal start from that position, which gives the sensation of growth and ascension.”

“The contact information on the front was printed in an elegant white silkscreen that also contains a percentage of cyan inside.”

Paolo believes that the business card is the start of a conversation, increasing the value of the brand.

“For that reason, a business card must have a beautiful aesthetic and functionality,” he said.

“For this project, we decided to use print finishing that is classic yet modern so that the brand can always stay elegant in any context.”


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Designed by Designed by Paolo De Angelis

For Antonio Ruggiero

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