Angora business cards

Angora Knitting Business Card

Gladkova Asya designed these business cards for Angora, a family-owned knitting brand in England that has been making wool products for over 20 years.

Angora’s objective is to create warm clothing that’s high quality and durable. “The client has their own Angora rabbit farm, therefore all their products are handmade and high quality,” Gladkova said.

Gladkova managed the branding project including designing the brand’s logo, identity, product packaging and stationery.

“The main design idea was to create something new, not usual for such an area, but keeping the continuity, many years of experience.”

Angora logo

Typography & Colours

The business cards embraced the minimalist approach, with the design focus on the beautiful colour combo and typeface.

“When it comes to typography, we decided to mix something classic with modern elements, such as gradients and changing joints in letters.”

Angora logo and wools

“The colour palette was chosen from the products’ colours and it should be warm, cosy and calm. The graphic elements were inspired by wooden thread and a lump of Angora threads.”

The client handled the card-printing themselves. Even so, when asked about the possible printing outcome, Gladkova replied, “The cards should be printed on a soft touch or touché cover paper with deep embossed logo, and silkscreen printing on the other side.”

A simple yet elegant business card design that’s not only pleasing to look at, but stand out from the crowd!


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Designed by Gladkova Asya

For Angora

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