Andrew Wams business card

Andrew Wams Web Developer Business Card

Onoriode Aluya designed these business cards for Andrew Wams, a personal brand for a freelance developer who specializes in full stack and front end development for web and mobile apps.

“This brand is designed to revolve around his personality and business (as a freelancer). We narrowed down the major keywords associated with the brand: minimal, bold, confident, modern, professional. After much research and discussions, it was agreed upon that a ‘monogram’ would be more suitable as the logo for the brand as it is centered around his name,” Onoriode said.

Andrew Wams logo constructionAndrew Wams logo alone W
“The logo inspiration was drawn from ‘abstraction’, which is a key element in programming. Hence, it plays a deeper role in creating the mark as the keywords ‘minimal, bold and modern’ are combined with the ‘concept of abstraction’ to create this unique mark.”

The Questrial typeface is used to create the logotype. To further enforce a minimal and bold nature, a solid ‘black’ and ‘white’ are used as primary colours.

These business cards will be printed by LF Brand, a packaging and branding printing press located in Lagos, Nigeria. According to Onoriode, “The card will be a thick rough textured paper with the logo and texts (contact info and others) embossed/engraved on it to give it a professional and bold look.”

Andrew Wams card viewAndrew Wams logo_2 Andrew Wams card view 2

Designed by Onoriode Aluya

For Andrew Wams

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