Andrej Graphic Designer Business Card

Andrej Hribernik designed these business cards for his self-branding as a graphic designer based in Zagreb, Croatia.

Andrej’s avatar is clearly the most catchy part about the card, and it helps his potential clients to remember him better.

The green typeface is an added visual delight to an otherwise monochrome design, separating it from the over-serious tone while adding sophistication as well.

Highlighting the important words like ‘Designer’ and ‘Full Stack Designer’ on both sides of the card is effective in sending the message across.

When asked about Andrej’s design process, he replied, “My design process is pretty straightforward: 1. Research the topic 2. Find out why this particular design works – e.g. read comments why your audience likes this type of design 3. Create a concept 4. Design 5. Deliver.”

Sometimes a business card needs to be minimal – with just the right amount of personalized design and typography, you can get people to remember you and give you a call when they need your service.


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Designed by Andrej Hribernik

For Andrej The Freelancer

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