Analur business card

Analur Jewellery Business Card

Arutza Rico and Camila Cardeñosa designed these business cards for Analur, a jewelry brand.

Arutza Studio managed the rebranding project including logo design, packaging, business card and other collaterals.

“Camila Cardeñosa and I designed this jewelry brand with rich narrative elements with the objective of making it appeal to a broad and worldwide audience,” said Arutza Rico, the Creative Director at Arutza Studio.

Analur logo

“In our conversations with the brand owner, Ana Patricia, we discovered that from the different countries in which she has lived in, France is the one she recalls the most.”

“Also, Ana’s favourite element to work with is silver due to its intense brightness.”

“Therefore, we worked with these two elements in choosing the brand name, AnaLur, (as ‘Lur’ originates from the word ‘allure’) a word that combines two sounds, two beautiful cultures.”

The logotype was based on the Bodoni typeface with custom alterations to each letter.

For the colour palette, Arutza and Camila found the perfect combination that evokes the charm and mystery of the night, which according to them, can be perceived on the paper bag, with a blue colour and silver shades.

These business cards were printed by Líneas Digitales.

“The cards were printed on soft and heavy paper, using gold and silver ink,” Arutza said.


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Analur business card_1Analur business card_2Analur jewelry and packagingAnalur jewelry brandAnalur brandingAnalur paper bag

Designed by Arutza Rico & Camila Cardeñosa

Printed by Líneas Digitales

For Analur

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