Ana Terra Travel Agency Business Card

Ana Terra Travel Agency Business Card

Mariana Neves designed these business cards for Ana Terra Turismo who manages a travel agency.

She offers services to those who want to travel by taking care of their airfare, travel itineraries, destinations, hotels and places to visit.

“We were approached by Ana Terra Turismo to create the new visual identity for her company in conjunction of the company’s 30th year anniversary,” Mariana said.

“Due to the client’s request of creating a striking and elegant visual identity, we decided to work with a cool pattern.”

The phrase “Holla, Hello, Oi!” can be seen on the business card, which gives the customers the warm welcome they deserve.

These three languages can also be seen on all the other identity materials.

The business card design consists of a round logotype with a striking background.

When asked about the inspiration behind them, Mariana replied, “As a tourist agency, Ana Terra Turismo handles the entire trip for the client, from start to finish.”

“It helps customers to design the best travel itineraries and suggests countries and tours around the world.”

“The round logo represents just that – around the world with Ana Terra Turismo! The result is a light, modern and super charming logotype.”

“As for the pattern (for the background), we present three options to be used as the travel theme, but the client chose the one that resembles the Africa prints.”

These business cards were offset printed by Graphic Vip using pantone colours on two sheets pasted of uncoated offset paper 240gr.


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Ana Terra Travel Agency stationery

Designed by Mariana Neves of Ouê Design

Printed by Vip Graphic  

 For Ana Terra Turismo

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