An Barbair Barber/Bar Business Card

An Barbair Barber/Bar Business Card

Stephen White designed these business cards for An Barbair, a single seat barber shop by day and a small intimate whisky bar by night.

Stephen’s client, Gordon Shaw was looking to open his own small boutique establishment, An Barbair (Scottish Gaelic for ‘The Barber’).

He wanted his brand to feel personal and authentically Scottish in its execution.

“I was inspired by a lot of traditional bar design in Scotland with emblems and monograms used throughout the interiors, drink coasters etc,” Stephen explained.

“This inspiration led to the creation of An Barbairs word mark and monogram.”

“The main icon was inspired by paintings and etches I saw as a kid growing up in Scotland, and acts as a nod to the rich heritage of the country.”

“Loch Lomond was chosen as the landmark for the icon because it’s one of the most famous areas of Scotland and holds a special significance to the client’s heart.”

The business card design is elegant and filled with vintage references thanks to the well-crafted typography and an intriguing landscape icon.

The dark coloured background suited the theme perfectly and exudes a luxurious feel when matched with the light coloured texts.

“The overall design of the brand is clean and minimal, with subtle flair and an emphasis on using rough, textural paper to extend the tradition of Scotland,” Stephen said.

“It also helps to promote a luxurious and authentic feel to the brand.”


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Glasgow Print & Design Centre.

According to Stephen, “As business cards are a vital point of contact for the brand on a personal level, the client and I decided to print the cards on 300gsm Chamois recycled paper.”

“Knowing that a rustic textural feel is vitality important, we also were able to use a recycled version of the paper that allows for a more visually and tactile texture.”


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Designed by Stephen White

Printed by Glasgow Print & Design Centre

For An Barbair (Gordon Shaw – Owner Operator)

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