Amantoli raw honey business cards

Amantoli Raw Honey Business Card

Estudio Albino designed these business cards for Amantoli, a raw honey brand that’s ethically sourced and produced in the regions of Mexico.

The business card idea is to put the brand name front and centre with a lovely gold foiled logo. The vibrant colour palette was beautifully selected to convey the essence of the brand in a natural and elegant way.


The Brand Name

The brand name, Amantoli, comes from the ancient Nahuatl dialect, which means “craft from an artisan” or in Spanish, “artesania”.

The founders believe this name embodies everything that represents the honey provided by the apiaries with generations of tradition and craftsmanship in Mexico.

Amantoli raw honey label_2


Brand Image and Illustrations

The visual identity aims to communicate a high quality, organic brand that represents the fluidity that honey has.

Amantoli was created to raise awareness about naturally sourced crystallized honey, honour the traditional practices of Mexican beekeepers that help to combat the diminishing bee and flower populations, and create awareness about the value and importance bees have in nature.

Through a series of illustrations, Estudio Albino represents all those who participate in the process – the bees, the flowers, and the producers’ hands – who put the final touch on honey production.

Together, these elements form a brand that successfully communicates the premium quality and unique history it represents.


Custom Typography

According to Estudio Albino, the logo was a custom-font designed to give the brand a distinct personality.

“The idea behind the logo is to represent the fluidity and enveloping flavour of honey.”

“It’s similar to when you open a pot of honey, and there’s always a thread of honey that appears.”

Amantoli raw honey business card


Flower Icon Design

There’s also a flower/crystal icon on the business card.

When asked about the inspiration behind it, Estudio Albino explained, “It is said that pure honey crystallizes over time.”

“More than an icon, it is a guarantee seal that validates that this honey is made naturally without additives or other things.”

“It’s represented by a flower that’s releasing a drop of honey in the form of a precious stone.”

Amantoli raw honey illustration_1


Nature Inspired Colour Palette

Purple and green are the two main colours used for the business cards.

“These colours represent some of the colours from flowers that the bees pollinate and later take to the hive to produce a certain type of honey.”

Even the labels from the packaging designs are beautifully decorated with illustrations and stunning colour selections.

“We represent each honey variety through different colours, as if it were a bunch of flowers.”

“The logo with a golden foil finish represents the honey that comes from these flowers.”


Business Card Printing

These business cards were printed by Full American Graphics.

The cards were printed on high-quality uncoated Tintoretto paper with a gold foil finish on the logotype and icon.


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Designed by Estudio Albino

Printed by Full American Graphics

For Amantoli Raw Honey

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