Alter Manicure Business Card

Kevin Lam designed these business cards for Alter, a beauty boutique specializing in hair and manicure treatments.

“The brief was to create a branding for a beauty boutique specialising in hair and manicure treatments. The company wants to invite everyone to embrace and be proud of their alter ego and shine through the beauty make over by their experts at Alter,” Kevin said.

The brand name, Alter, was created to deliver the message of ‘embracing the alter ego within yourself’. With one side of the card remains simple and minimal, the other side is filled with sketches of hairdos, adding a pinch of colour to enhance the characteristic of each individual – that alter ego of oneself!

“The ‘second I’ could be shy, introverted, extroverted, spontaneous, wild or still known and yet to be found. The solution was to create a sophisticated and hand crafted identity. By using colorplan paper, a colour palette was created with soft and vibrant colours which harmonize together to represent the different characteristics within us,” Kevin explained.

These business cards were printed by KOP Studio using Colorplan paper.

Designed by Kevin Lam (a.k.a. urfd)

Printed by KOP Studio

For Alter

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