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Alnico Graphic Designer Business Card

Daisuke Hiratsuka designed these business cards for his personal branding as an illustrator and designer for small to medium-sized restaurants and confectionery stores.

The main idea for Daisuke’s design was to leave a memorable impression on his clients. To achieve that, he made a caricature of himself (including his specialties in designing) on one side of the card while his contact information on the other.

“I wanted to create a visual branding that has a handmade impression and warm texture. Therefore, I chose letterpress printing for my cards,” explained Daisuke.

“I asked the printing company to make a nice, strong ‘dent’ texture and the corrugated cardboard was the perfect material to showcase the effect!”

These business cards were printed by Nine Letterpress in Japan using corrugated cardboard with thickness about 1mm or more.


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Designed by Daisuke Hiratsuka of Alnico Design

Printed by Nine Letterpress, Japan

For Alnico Design (personal branding)

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