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Allure Fashion Business Card

Alicja Surga designed these business cards for Allure, a clothing brand that’s driven to create authentic and beautiful custom clothing for women.

“The brand was inspired by attention to detail, careful tailoring and the use of natural, superior quality fabrics (linen and cotton). Their collections are designed with passion by the wonderful team of tailors,” Alicja said.

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“The logo design was inspired by the delicate surface of the fabrics and their abstract weave, reflecting the values of the brand. Love and attention to detail are some of the principal elements that were selected to transmit in each piece of the brand.”

“The colour palette for Allurē was inspired by the organic and natural look of the linen and cotton fabrics, giving the visual identity a soft and minimalistic touch.”

Speaking more about the colour palette, she continued, “The colours are subtle, elegant and feminine. Adding a modern silver and pink foil over selected business cards gave the colours a contrast effect.”

“In addition, the watercolour illustrations of the XVII century is a perfect match for the colours to reflect an authentic brand appearance.”

These business cards are not printed yet, but if they were, “I would love to get them printed on high-quality paper of 350g, some with a silver and pink foil finish,” Alicja suggested.

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Designed by Alicja Surga at Creative Boxx

For Allure

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