All's Cream business card

All’s Cream (Ice Cream) Business Card

Marden Jump designed these business cards for All’s Cream, an ice cream shop located in São Paulo where all employees are physically disabled.

According to Marden, the brand offers quality, tasty and fun ice cream; at the same time, a unique service made with social inclusion and well-being when visiting the environment.

All's Cream logo All's Cream logo
The typography used in the visual identity are Museo and Montserrat.

“For the brand design, I decided to use a font that was cheerful and generated connection with the target audience. I made some small changes and brought the leg from ‘R’ to ‘M’ to create a smile, something that All’s Cream wants to pass on,” Marden said.

He also created a submark using one of the initials of the brand name – ‘C’.

All's Cream logo3 All's Cream ice cream
When asked about the colour palette used in the visual identity, Marden replied, “I tried to use colours that brought a sense of modernity and creativity while at the same time, referring to an ice cream parlour.”

“Blue is a colour linked to creativity and widely used by social networks. It represents calm, confidence and security. As for brown, it is used due to the fact that it is the colour of chocolate, which is a popular flavour for ice creams.”

All's Cream colour paletteAll's Cream patterns
There is a striking pattern filled with creative icons on the back of the card, a good effort to express friendliness and love to the community.

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Designed by Marden Jump

For All’s Cream

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