All Tomorrow’s Pixels Digital Designer Business Card

Rick Hyde designed these business cards for his business branding, All Tomorrow’s Pixels. Rick is a freelance digital and motion designer, and illustrator based in Manchester, England.

“I designed the card to promote my own business, when I decided to go freelance. I work as a multidisciplinary graphic designer, so the card needed a creative design to reflect this,” Rick said.

“The artwork was created as part of a branding exercise, where I developed a logo, website and social media assets.”

The card design was based on a t-shirt pocket, containing a pen and pencil – the two most fundamental creative tools of all.

The pocket has two pin badges attached, and its label shows the abbreviation (ATP) for ‘All Tomorrow’s Pixels’.

“The first pin badge is a clenched fist holding a pencil. This is taken from the ATP logo design, which was inspired by the Northern Soul “Keep the Faith” trademark,” Rick explained.

“The second pin badge is based on the ’60s iconic Mod target, in the ATP brand colours, displaying the phrase “Creative for Hire”. I included these elements to reflect a bit of my personality, as I’ve always had a keen interest in Mod culture and its influence on art and design.”

These business cards were printed by Fred Aldous Riso studio in Manchester.

The cards were printed as 4 colour Riso prints on Cyclus Offset recycled white card using a Risograph MZ 1070E two drum machine, that prints two colours in a single run.

Designed by Rick Hyde

Printed by Fred Aldous Riso Studio

For All Tomorrow’s Pixels (Rick Hyde’s personal branding)

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