All Sorts of Winederful business cards

All Sorts of Winederful Event Hosting Business Card

Vighnesh Dudani designed these business cards for All Sorts of Winederful (ASOW), a specialised wine tasting event company in Pennsylvania, USA.

All Sorts of Winederful hosts wine tasting events for private and corporate clients. According to Vighnesh, “The brand is a knowledge-driven organisation that aims to enlighten the world about the intricate details that help us enjoy our glass of wine.”

“They firmly believe wine is a lot more than just a beverage – it is an experience. It is a story of the precise craftsmanship of mother earth and man working together harmoniously to create a heavenly concoction.”

“I was approached by the team to help them brand themselves as the expert in the field of wine. One that respects and adheres to the elegance of the drink while also conveying a sense of purity and simplicity.”


Logo Design

The logo design was inspired by the ribbon cut which often associated with something scholarly or the field of education. The very shape of the glass took inspiration from the rose and lotus flower. Both of which represent a true sense of purity, divineness, and love.

“These elements were then combined using the principle of positive and negative space to come up with a simple yet timeless identity,” Vighnesh said.

All Sorts of Winederful logo


Typography & Colour Palette

“The fonts were chosen in a manner to maintain the prestige and finesse that comes with the very beverage. Hence, a classic combination of a serif with a sans serif.”

“The colour palette was clearly inspired by the iconic red of wine. It is paired with black to add to the exclusive nature of the experience. While a certain shade of off-white has been used to bring about contrast and add the touch of purity to the brand palette.”

All Sorts of Winederful logo2


These business cards were printed by SN Craft Studio.

“The cards were printed on 400gsm textured matt paper without lamination. Copper foil embossing has been employed for the brand logo while digital printing for the textual details,” Vighnesh added.


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Designed by Vighnesh Dudani

Printed by SN Craft Studio

For All Sorts of Winederful

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