Alexandra Cerdeiral business card

Alexandra Cerdeiral Photographer Business Card

Lou Pellicari designed these business cards for Alexandra Cerdeiral, a freelance copywriter and photographer based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Alexandra approached Lou for the branding project including designing her brand’s logo and business cards.

Alexandra is passionate about travel, photography, content creation and stories. It’s important for her visual identity to express not only of her passions, but her expertise in creating content that matches her client’s uniqueness as well.

“For her business cards, Alexandra wanted a minimal and modern logotype that represents herself. I’d like to make a focus on the fact that she is a writer, which is why I have chosen a handwriting typography,” Lou said.

Alexandra Cerdeiral logo2Alexandra Cerdeiral logo1
The typography used in the business card design are Avenir and Always Love. The calligraphic typography is a perfect fit to the overall branding. As for the colour palette, earth tones are carefully selected to express Alexandra’s personality further. According to Lou, Alexandra chose them because they represent natural spirit for her.

These business cards were printed on recycled paper by MOO.

“Like me, she is very concern about the environment, that’s why the business cards were printed on fully recycled paper and in small quantities to avoid unnecessary overproduction,” Lou said.

Alexandra Cerdeiral business cardAlexandra Cerdeiral thank you card

Designed by Lou Pellicari

Printed by MOO

For Alexandra Cerdeiral

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