Aleluia Bier business cards

Aleluia Bier (Beer) Factory Business Card

Beto Nunes designed these business cards for Aleluia Bier, a craft beer factory that aims to create an atmosphere of celebration around its products.

Everyone has a reason to celebrate. Find yours. Celebrate with Hallelujah.” This is the motto of the Belo Horizonte –based brewery founded in 2015. A beer that is characterised by a striking flavour that drives even the most demanding angels crazy.

The business card is designed to convey celebration, joy and relaxation. The idea is to drink and give thanks, which is heavily implied by both the brand name and hand illustration.

Aleluia Bier branding

Logo Design

“The logo features the main element – the letter ‘A’ with a halo,” said Beto.

“The letter ‘A’ represents the gesture of ‘adoration’ and ‘thanks’, made in some Christian religions. One of the goals was to have a visually poignant and elegant logo.”

Aleluia Bier logos

Typography & Colours

The typeface used on the business cards is Bodoni MT Black. The retro feel of this serif font goes perfectly with the overall design of the company.

A black and gold combo can never go wrong for a beer brand. The colour palette is recognizable and, as stated by Beto, it has a strong connection to elegance, but here it’s used in a light-hearted, jovial way.

When it comes to card-printing, Beto suggested to his client, “The business cards should be printed on matte coated paper, with colour plus overlay, matte resin finish, printed in pantone and low relief in the logo.”

Aleluia Bier business cardsAleluia Bier t-shirt_bag Aleluia Bier_pale ale Aleluia Bier_pilsenAleluia Bier posters

Designed by Beto Nunes

Illustrated by Natanael Gomes

For Hallelujah Bier (Aleluia Bier)

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