Accent Business Card

Accent Personalized Image Service Business Card

Velkro designed these business cards for Accent, a brand that specializes in giving personalized image services, such as hair styling and image coaching in Nyon, Switzerland.

According to Patricia and Eva, the Founders of Velkro, Accent focuses on providing accurate, individualized advice and making every client feels like one-of-a-kind.

Accent card cutout processAccent colourful cutout papers
Based on this, Velkro imagined a concept that highlights and champions individuality. “As every client is unique, we sought to ensure that this corporate identity reflected that.”

“We decided to play with the concept of personalized and cut ‘accents’ by hand, making every piece of each application as unique as any customer. This is an identity with a strong retro personality, sober, professional and colourful at the same time.”

Accent business card
These business cards were silkscreen-printed with white ink on black cardboard paper by Letter Cotton in Barcelona, Spain. Then, a custom cutout of four different bold colour papers were pasted on the business cards. All the papers used are from Colorplan.

A dynamic and playful business card design that expresses the brand in a creative way!

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Designed by Velkro

Printed by Letter Cotton

For Accent

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