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Aberseer Manufacture Shingle Roofing Business Card

Juli Janny designed these business cards for Aberseer Manufaktur, a shingle decking company based in Austria.

This business card idea for a shingle roofing business conveys both the brand’s credibility and professional image.

In addition, the organic feel was clearly inspired by the materials used for roof decking.

The client needed a rebranding for their company after years in the business. So, Juli redesigned the logo, website, advertisements, and business cards.


Brand Image

“According to the client, their previous branding and business card design did not fully represent the quality they offer,” Juli said.

“Therefore, I created a new logo and business card design to convey the company’s key values: quality, know-how, and passion.”

“It was also important for them to stand out from the competitors and be recognizable.”

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An Effective Monogram

The monogram is cleverly designed to highlight the company’s strength in providing quality, durable products, and attention to detail in their work.

“The logo mark incorporates the letters ‘A’ and ‘M’ as well as a rhombus and a roof, creating a ‘signature style’ for the brand,” Juli explained.

“Since shingle covering is one of the oldest crafts, the logo is supposed to represent this to some extent.”

“That explains why the font used in the logotype has a modern design but with a vintage characteristic as well.”

Abersee manufacture_Logo


Modern Typography

The font used for the logotype is called Artnoova Regular.

“I just optimized some letters to make it more suitable for the brand. For example, ‘N’ and ‘K’ are now more straight and modern.”

“We also used Artnoova for the headline and Gill Sans light for the claim and copy font.”

“And to give the logo a personal touch, Michigan Signature Regular is used as the accent font.”

Abersee manufacture_Logovriations_colours


Natural Colour Palette

According to Juli, the brand colours, neutral and green, are heavily inspired by nature.

“The primary colour is wood. Secondly, the forest. And larch is used as an accent colour.”

“This is a fitting choice for Aberseer Manufaktur as they only use larch wood because of their high quality standards.”


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Infinitve Factory, a letterpress studio based in Austria.

According to Juli, the colour of the paper is called “chamois.” To make it thicker, they duplexed the papers (2x270g) and printed them using letterpress, complete with a nice detail of a blind impression on the contact-side of the card.

“We’ve chosen letterpress printing technique because of its quality and also because it’s an old craft like shingle decking,” she added.


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Designed by Juli Janny

Printed by Infinitve Factory

For Aberseer Manufacture

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