Abbi Laura Udell Graphic Designer Business Card

Abbi Udell designed these business cards for her personal branding and her Etsy shop, Abbi Laura Designs.

Abbi is an illustrator and designer with a strong love of pattern and colour. She runs her Etsy shop, Abbi Laura Designs, selling greeting cards and gifts printed with her own illustrations and pattern designs.

On top of that, Abbi also takes on freelance projects and is seeking a full time design/illustration position. She needed a business card that would represent the many facets of herself as a creative.

“I think it’s often more challenging to design something for your own self-branding than for a client, so I’ve gone through a number of business card designs in the past couple of years which ultimately failed to represent me in a way I was completely satisfied with,” Abbi explained when asked about her design process for this fascinating project.

“My previous business cards have either focused solely on illustration or on pattern design, so my aim with this design was to find a way of showcasing both aspects on one card.”

For this iteration, Abbi wanted to include a balance of illustration and pattern to highlight the breadth of her creative talents. So she took the colour palette from a repeat pattern she had recently designed and created a simple self-portrait in a style that paired well with the pattern.

“I then spent a lot of time working on the design, making sure I could incorporate all of the information I wanted (including my website, instagram and Etsy shop link) and present it in a visually pleasing manner. Overall, I’m very happy with the design and I feel it’s a great representation of me as an illustrator, designer, and Etsy seller.”

These business cards were printed by, a UK-based company which Abbi also uses to print her greeting cards for her Etsy shop.

“The business cards are wider than average to give me more space to work with. They are printed on 400gsm silk with matt lamination – this gives the cards enough of a sheen to highlight the depth of the colours, but with a lovely velvety feel and not too much glare,” Abbi said.


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Designed by Abbi Udell

Printed by

For Abbi Laura Designs (Etsy shop)

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