Abad Furniture Design Business Card

Abad Furniture Design Business Card

Marina Goñi designed these business cards for Abad Design, a furniture and product design company.

After generations in this family-run business, Abad Design is in need of a brand overhaul, hoping to adapt the company to a more contemporary design.

They approached Marina for rebranding. After working together to discuss more in depth about the brand strategy, conclusions were made and been translated to the new, intriguing design concept – a collector’s box – which reflects the brand’s business history and experience, with a breath of fresh air.

“Abad Design is a family-owned furniture design company and now they are adapting their company to contemporary design,” Marina said.


Logo Design & Unique Card Shape

The design concept is based on the concept of texture collectors.

In the world of collecting, different pieces were organized and cataloged in small boxes.

Abad’s logo design (with its special layout of the letters) imitates this concept via distribution of different pieces in a collector’s box.

Besides that, the business card design evokes this concept via its unique shape, colour and texture.

Marina continued, “We have created some pieces based on the sample boxes of geologists and collectors, in which the box is the product catalogue while the minerals’ file cards are the business cards.”

“In their particular collections, they show the materials’ universe, craftsmen and processes.”

The tab on the business card works aesthetically as a filing cabinet.

Apart from its special form, Abad’s business card design is capable of expressing a strong, masculine and solid brand.

These business cards were printed by Imprenta Arenas.

According to Marina, “The cards were printed via black ink on plasterboard. They have a special die to evoke a file card.”


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Designed by Marina Goñi

Printed by Imprenta Arenas

For Abad Design

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