4balance studio business card

4balance Interior Design Business Card

Daria Stetsenko designed these business cards for 4balance, an interior design and architectural visualization studio based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

“Our task was to design a visual corporate identity and printed matter such as business cards, blanks, folders etc. The studio creates a functional, comfortable, balanced living space, and our goal was to emphasize these qualities,” Daria said.

4balance studio card design_white
Daria did not use any decorations and created a concise and practical corporate identity. Everything looks clean, minimal yet impressive, thanks to a well-thought-out designed logo.

Daria explained further, “Two parts of the word ‘BALANCE’ are shifted relative to each other along the diagonal of the letter ‘A’. As a result, the number ‘4’ appeared in the center. The logo symbolizes the balance of two parts: the addition of each other and the emergence of new ideas as a result of teamwork.”

4balance studio logo
“In addition to the primary logo, we had also developed a compact logo version, 4B. The brand colour palette consists of light grey and red brick colours, and typography is recognizable,” she added.

According to Daria, the business cards were printed on red (Materica terra rossa by Fedrigoni) and white (Flora anice (calla) by Cordenons) paper stocks, followed by application of embossing and black colour on the logotype.

4balance studio businesscards

Designed by Daria Stetsenko

For 4balance Studio

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