48in48 event business card

48in48 Event Business Card

Jac-Martin Dorion designed these business cards for the founders and staff of 48in48 as a volunteer.

48in48 is an event that connects local nonprofits to skilled marketing and technology professionals, with the main objective of building 48 new, professional nonprofit websites in 48 hours.

For the business card designs, Jac-Martin wanted to reflect the personality of each member taking part in the 48in48 event.

He created four different layouts and styles following closely the bold and graphical attributes of the brand.

During the design process, concepts were carefully reviewed with each individuals to obtain the desired looks and personal traits of their personalities.

The business cards were printed on a digital press using standard white business card stock by Bennett Graphics.

Designed by Jac-Martin Dorion

Printed by Bennett Graphics

For 48in48.org

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