Arquitectura 1020 business card

Arquitectura 1020 (Architecture Studio) Business Card

Daniela Arcila designed these business cards for Arquitectura 1020, an architecture studio focused on residential and commercial projects in Mexico.

The business card has a simple yet modern design, with neon green making it stand out from the rest of the competitors.

The brand itself is intriguing because it draws attention to a series of numbers rather than a typical logo!


Naming and Brand Image

Daniela said that her client made it clear that he wouldn’t want his name as a brand.

“He claimed that all his life, he has attended a sports club to work out, and his membership number was 1020.”

“He was required to provide this number whenever he made a purchase, borrow something, etc. within the club.”

“He feels identified by it, and he thinks that’s easy for him to remember the number and say it.”

Daniela also said that the client wanted bright colours for his brand – something fun but at the same time professional, fresh and contemporary.

“Therefore, I created a timeless identity system that serves the primary objectives: flexibility, originality and functionality.”

Arquitectura 1020 logo


Brick Pattern Design

The geometric lines on the business card are actually brick patterns.

Daniela pointed out that the pattern was designed as part of the branding.

“The concept behind the pattern design was based on the creative process of building a beautiful and functional house or building, starting with the basics.”

“I like to use the brick pattern as a supportive element because if feels unique and allows the brand to be fun and flexible.”

“The idea of the brick pattern that always starts with a simple cube or square and is followed by another and so on.”

“The unique aspect of any architectural project is how those basic cubes interact with each other.”

“By scaling the cubes up or down, some of them are wider than others.”

By incorporating the brick pattern, Daniela was able to add something special and dynamic that goes well with the strong logotype.

Arquitectura 1020 brick pattern



Daniela chose a bold typeface for the logotype based on an urban style that’s opposite of a very minimalistic architecture firm.

“The branding needed to look cool, different, fresh, creative and at the same time professional and reliable.”

“Therefore, I thought to use a contemporary font that’s legible since the name was so short and only used numbers.”

“This was an opportunity to use an expressive front that could feel strong, with a flexible and exciting spirit.”


Colour Palette

Same thing goes when it comes to brand colours as the client liked neon and really saturated colours.

“The client wanted something very expressive. I actually did two completely different options for branding and colours.”

“One of the options was using all the basic CMYK colours, and this other proposal was this one that’s more ‘elegant’ since we’re using neutrals, but with irreverent neon that makes it different from other architecture firms.”

“He felt that the other palette was more playful and a bit childish (once he saw it come to life), so the client preferred this branding – a simple and bright option – because it felt more professional and still captured his style and vision.”

Daniela also mentioned the reason she proposed the yellow neon as a representation of light.

She pointed out, “In the architecture world, natural light and artificial lighting are very important. How the light interacts with a space is very important.”

“I decided to go with that and play with more neutral colours inspired by the actual materials that these projects are made of. In this case, I chose grey because of concrete.”


The Printing of Business Cards

We asked Daniela to provide her suggestions on the business card printing, and here’s what she said.

“The business cards would be screen printed on thick paper (about 500gsm).”

“Then, with letterpress printing on the logo and textures, using a direct PMS for the neon colour.”


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Designed by Daniela Arcila

For Arquitectura 1020

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