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Lupi Talent Agency Business Card

Lupi business card

Carlos Bêla designed these business cards for Lupi, a talent agency led by Luciana Pimentel who has been in the business for years. Carlos was contacted for the branding project of Luciana’s new company. “The most important points for the creation…

Maderable Woodshop Business Card

Maderable Woodshop Business Card

Bicefalo Brand Studio designed these business cards for Maderable, a woodshop specialized in premium and high end projects such as hotels, restaurants, apartments and retail stores in México City and Yucatán peninsula. “The main idea for the brand was to…

Innovate Management Business Card

innovate business card

Innovate created these business cards for their management team. Innovate wanted their visual branding to demonstrate what they do in an iconography, since they are dedicated to developing digital products. For inspiration, Innovate visited creative sites such as Dribbble and…