Jéssica Fagundes business card

Jéssica Fagundes Psychology Business Card

Fixgu designed these business cards for Jéssica Fagundes, a psychologist brand inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

“Jéssica’s profession is clinical psychology, the part of psychology that’s dedicated to the study of mental disorders and the psychic aspects of non-mental illnesses. Its themes include aetiology, classification, diagnosis, epidemiology, intervention (prevention, counseling, psychotherapy, rehabilitation, access to health, evaluation),” Fixgu said.

Instead of keeping things conventional, Jéssica’s brand was expressed creatively based on the famous story known in children’s book.

Jéssica Fagundes brandingJéssica Fagundes logo2Jéssica Fagundes icons
“As metioned earlier, the brand was inspired by the story, Alice in Wonderland. The literature when dealing with the phenomenon of the double (Doppelgänger: distressing view of yourself as another) directly influenced this project, authors such as Edgar Allan Poe in ‘William Wilson’, Fiódor Dostoiévski in ‘O Duplo’ and Lacan and Freud in psychoanalysis.”

“‘Alice, being very peculiar, loved to pretend she was two people’, which fits the idea of nobody is one-sided, nobody is just what he appears to be.”

Jéssica Fagundes branding3Jéssica Fagundes key
The brand’s symbol reflects the answers that people seek, the key to self-knowledge lies in themselves.

As for the typography, the modified font was used for the blackout logo; Montserrat was also used for the tagline. The colour palette (Pastel Pink: # f4b9b8, Blue: # 455166, Gray: # efe9d8) tends to show delicacy and seriousness, attributes of the professional.

jessica fagundes logo variations
These business cards were printed by Printi. According to Fixgu, the cards should be in matte printing on heavy textured matte paper.

“In the symbol there may be the application of silver hot stamping, making this magical world of fairy tales palpable and extolling the concept of the mirror, when the customer sees no reflection created by the finish on the symbol,” he said.

Jéssica Fagundes business cardJéssica Fagundes stationeryJéssica Fagundes branding2Jéssica Fagundes branding5Jéssica Fagundes branding4Jéssica Fagundes social mediaJéssica Fagundes digital mediaJéssica Fagundes tshirt

Designed by Fixgu

Printed by Printi

For Jéssica Fagundes Psychology

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