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Isaid Clothing Store Business Card

Eunsun Park designed these business cards for Isaid, a clothing store based in Seoul, Korea.

The company’s name is boldly printed in large font on crisp, white business cards.

It also features a unique shop card with a cut-out of the brand “Isaid,” which shares the company’s motto and contact info with customers.

The overall branding, as you can see, exudes a minimalist elegance along with modern and expressive design elements that make this visual identity memorable.


The Brand’s Name and Image

But what exactly is “Isaid”?

The whole thing started when Eunsun’s client founded her first business, which is called “She Said That” and it sells cute, easy-going products.

The client really wanted to launch a second brand that’s very reflective of her own taste – something modern, simple and bold.

She did so and named it Isaid (as in “I Said”) which stands for “Every subject comes from our imagination.”

The business cards are an essential part of the identity, which conveys an image of simplicity, boldness and modernity to customers.


A Simplified Typography and Color Palette

To give the brand that minimalist and modern vibe, Eunsun minimalized the use of colors while using a sans serif font for the business cards.

The typeface used for the logotype is Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk BE Light Extended.

Eunsun revised the spacing between the letters to make them more fitting to the brand’s aesthetics.

“The typeface I used for the logo looks extended and slightly bold, which leads to a modern atmosphere,” she said.

Black and white are the two major colors used in the business card design.

Despite being minimal, the business card design doesn’t lose its visual appeal. For instance, the deboss/emboss printing effect manages to enhance the elegance of the card.

A stark contrast between the two sides of the business card – the underlined all-caps contact info on the front and the brand name at the lower half on the reverse side – says a lot about getting the message across boldly and clearly.


Extra: The Shop Card

Apart from the business cards, Eunsun also created some shop cards that are equally impressive.

“I wanted to make the brand identity more experimental, not just making clothes or stockings and other brand products, but showing a strong identity by experiencing various printing methods,” she said.

And so, the cut-out shop card is born, with the goal to impress and get the conversation going about the brand.

Isaid clothing Shop Card


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Bon Design, a printing company based in Korea.

According to Eunsun, both business cards and shop cards are printed on Cushion Snow white 355g, Doosung Paper.

“The logo was debossed on the business cards to make them more gorgeous.”

“For the shop card, we gave it a laser cut-out to stand out from other brands.”

It’s safe to say that not just the business cards or shop cards, but the entire visual identity manages to showcase a contemporary simplicity with just the necessary information being displayed.

Maintaining a low profile while making a big impact – now that’s what we call simplicity at its finest!


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Designed by Eunsun Park

Printed by Bon Design

For Isaid

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