Heather Adickes business cards

Heather Adickes Real Estate Agent Business Card

André Santos, in collaboration with Incustudio, designed these business cards for Heather Adickes, a real estate agent based in New Jersey, United States.

Heather’s main focus is to provide her clients with a comprehensive real estate service experience, ensuring they find their dream homes.

“Heather Adickes is a young realtor, so she wanted a strong brand that could sustain her business and convey the credibility she needed to run her business despite her young age,” André explained.

“Some of the attributes we wanted to convey through the brand were trust, seriousness and differentiation.”


Unique Logo Design

To achieve a memorable brand image, André created a visually striking logo and opted for a timeless and professional business card design.

The symbol created is pretty cool! It combines the initial “H” from Heather’s name with a bridge design that represents the journey home, which is cleverly depicted by a house in negative space.

So, it’s like Heather Adickes brand is acting as a bridge between families and their homes!

André confirmed, “The entire narrative of Heather’s brand was built around this idea of connection between people and real estate.”

“As a result of this visual universe, the brand builds a reputation of trust, allowing differentiation from other real estate consultants and building recognition among the desired audience.”

Heather Adickes real estate business cardHeather Adickes logotype


Typography and Colour Palette

According to André, they refined all the typography to have unique and proprietary characteristics of the brand, making it exclusive, as well as the service experience offered by Heather.

Although this branding uses a limited colour palette (white and green), but it does not compromise the overall presentation.

“We wanted to convey the seriousness and confidence in Heather’s work through a sober colour profile,” he explained.

“We identified that green was underexplored among Heather’s peers. Therefore, we chose to continue with this option for brand differentiation.”


Printing of Business Cards

The client printed the business cards herself.

Nevertheless, André recommended using coated paper with a thickness of over 300g and a matte finish for a high-quality feel.

André also suggested to apply spot UV to the logo and contact information to add a touch of sophistication.

Overall, this unique and sophisticated business card design is capable of establishing a powerful brand presence for Heather Adickes, allowing her to stand out from competitors in the real estate industry.


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Designed by André Santos in collaboration with Incustudio

For Heather Ly Adickes

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