Go Xestoria business cards

Go Xestoría Business Management Business Card

Natanael Maudo designed these business cards for Go Xestoria, an agency formed by a group of experienced entrepreneurs that provides guidance and help in business management.

Speaking of the client’s nature of business, Natanael said, “It is a small agency created by a group of friends, under the name of Go Xestoría (Go Agency). I was contacted by Daniez Sanz, who was in charge of the organization and management of the agency. It’s a young and very dynamic company that wants to offer novelties to a very established sector.”

Go Xestoria card design
Explaining more about the direction and inspiration behind the design, Natanael continued, “The new agency wanted a design that reflected the variety of clients and projects they serve. Starting with its naming, we wanted to reflect the spirit of movement and action, without neglecting the local component through the word ‘Xestoría’ (in Galician).”

Go Xestoria logo Go Xestoria
The overall design is colourful, modern and fresh – a creative approach to differentiate the brand from other competitors.

“The geometric design adds a lot of weight to the set, achieving great dynamism through the multiple positions and colour combinations of the design. We wanted each card and stationery item to be unique.”

For card-printing, Natanael recommended his client to use a graphic cardboard, with matt lamination on both sides, “This is to reinforce the feeling of quality and careful design; reinforcing the basic idea of the design to use coloured surfaces (without textures),” he said.

Go Xestoria businesscardsGo Xestoria business cards Go Xestoria stationery

Designed by Natanael Maudo

For Go Xestoría

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