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Divino Grano Corn Products Business Card

Armatoste designed these business cards for Divino Grano, a family business that offers high quality products derived from corn.

Divino Grano aims to become a recognized company throughout Mexico for its quality, love for food, and continuous innovation driven by the talent of its people. Therefore, it’s important for these qualities to be reflected in the rebranding process.

“We designed this brand to communicate love, joy and tradition,” explained Iván Almazán, the Co-founder of Armatoste.

“Our goal was to create a brand focused on housewives of Mexican households, who bring the best food to the center of the table for their families.”

Divino Grano products

Logo Design & Colour Palette

The name of the brand was inspired by the properties of corn and the Mexican ancestral Aztec cereal, to which divine origins were attributed.

“Based on the concept of divinity, the brand’s logo refers to the stained glass windows found in churches. They are a symbol of light and hope.”

“The logo draws a landscape with the sun as a pillar for agriculture and a field on the horizon, where food comes from.”

Divino Grano logo constructionDivino Grano logo and illustrations

“We designed complementary illustrations to the identity with the ingredients used to prepare tostadas and Mexican food.”

The main colours used in the brand system are yellow and pink, with the former represents the colour of corn, while the latter, a colour identified as Mexican pink. (Mexican pink is a purplish pink that’s similar to Magenta)

The client handled the card-printing himself. When asked about the possible printing outcome, Iván suggested, “The cards would be printed on 300gsm matte coated paper using standard digital printing, matching to selected Pantones.”

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Designed by Armatoste

For Divino Grano

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