Atelie das Casas construction business cards

Atelie das Casas Construction Business Card

Matheus Palma and Vinicius Lira designed these business cards for Ateliê das Casas, a construction and architecture firm in Porto Velho, Brazil.

These business cards are designed to impress, with an eye-catching pattern based on the idea of tiles. The brand’s intended image is one of modern sophistication, so the visual identity reflects that.

The company’s goal is to design and build family houses in a modern style that prioritises coziness.

“Ateliê das Casas uses timeless materials to build houses that will guard everlasting memories. Love lives inside the walls,” Matheus said.

“The brand takes great care to ensure that each of its projects accurately reflects the personality of its client.”

The company does more than just transform houses; it also offers helpful DIY decorating tips and covers before-and-after topics.

Atelie das Casas construction_logo


Modern Logo Design & Stacked Lettering

The logotype is a unique mark with type variations conveying the character of the brand.

For this branding project, Matheus started from the concept that each home is different because every family is unique, including the house numbers. The latter is always uniquely decorated to reflect the owners’ taste and their personality.

“We noticed that the house numbers are a reflection of each homeowner’s personality, so we made a flexible logo, organic but systematically organized,” he said.

Apart from that, the back of the business card features the logo in the form of large stacked lettering, providing yet another intriguing visual element for the prospects.

Matheus explained that the concept of a variable and adaptable brand extends mainly to the different versions of the logo available.

Atelie das Casas construction_logo variations


Tile Patterns and Earth Tones

As tiles have been used as canvases in art and architecture for hundreds of years, a modular pattern has been developed to compose the brand universe.

Putting tile patterns on the business card is a subtle but effective way to show that the brand is both natural and precise, which is how Ateliê das Casas describes its work.

Atelie das Casas construction_patterns

As Matheus puts it, “It’s as if a building became a memorial to the best days that place ever lived. Every home built is a place to make memories.”

“This is the positioning that sets Ateliê apart from other conventional construction companies.”

The earthy colour palette is used in the business card design, fitting the nature of the business while presenting a creative and professional image.

These business cards use a vertical layout, and that’s another interesting aspect to make them stand out.

Overall, this is a striking business card design that not only captures Ateliê das Casas’ essence but is sure to make a positive impression on potential clients.


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Designed by Matheus Palma and Vinicius Lira

For Ateliê das Casas

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