Faceless IG Reels Ideas for designers

(Shareable Graphic) 16 Faceless Reel Ideas for Designers to Engage With Audience

Are you looking for more ideas to boost your brand visibility using Instagram Reels? The below graphic summarises at least 16 fascinating faceless reel ideas you can incorporate into your social media content strategy. Our content creator, Jennifer Wong, had written an article on her blog entitled “MUST TRY: 16+ Captivating Faceless Reel Ideas (With Examples).”

Her blog post includes real-life examples and extra tips on what she has learned since incorporating Faceless Reels into our site’s content strategy. She also included some of our featured designers in the examples as well. Go check it out, you might be one of them: https://wchingya.com/must-try-faceless-reel-ideas-examples/

We have compiled the major points into a shareable graphic. We hope you’ll find the information useful 🙂 You are welcome to save the graphic (right click > save image as) and share it with your audience as well.

16 Faceless IG Reels Ideas for Designers - CardDsgn


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Jennifer Wong
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