TOP 9 Monster Business Cards - Halloween-inspired Showcase

Top 9 Monster-Themed Business Cards: A Halloween-Inspired Design Showcase

Halloween, the season of spookiness and creativity, is just around the corner! What better way to get into the spirit than by exploring some monstrously creative business card designs?

We’ve compiled nine monstrously creative business cards that showcase the ingenuity of designers in bringing a touch of the supernatural to their work. Without further ado, let’s dive into the wickedly fun world of these Halloween-inspired business cards.


1. The Monster Food Truck Business Card

The Monster Truck business card

Designer: ChocoToy Cute

For: The Monster Truck

The Monster Truck is not your typical food truck; it’s a concept food truck and store based in Dubai that adds a spooky twist to its menu and offers unique merchandise.

ChocoToy Cute took on the challenge of crafting an entire brand experience for this monster-themed venture. What’s special about this design? Original characters created for the brand, bold branding with dark classic characters, and a playful, memorable style.

The stacked logotype comes with a retro vibe, along with striking red, brown, black, and white colours, which adds to the overall charm.

Oh, and did we mention that these business cards have rounded corners too? Brilliant!

The Monster Truck


2. Boba Monster Milk Tea Business Card

Boba Monster milktea business card

Designer: Woow Designs

For: Boba Monster

The Boba Monster is a milk tea brand. Its business card, created by Woow Designs, features a wide-eyed mascot with horns, giving it a friendly and inviting feel.

Bold typography and a colour scheme of white and blue make it a memorable and cute representation of the brand!


3. Donut Monster Business Card

Donut Monster business card

Designer: AMT Agency

For: Donut Monster

AMT Agency’s design for Donut Monster takes on a deliciously purple hue with an open-armed, one-eyed monster logo based on a donut.

The rose gold outline of grapefruits adds a touch of elegance to the business card design.

The typography, Comfortaa Bold, and the purple, rose gold, and white colour scheme make this business card friendly and welcoming.

Donut Monster food truck


4. Boba Boo! Bubble Tea Business Card

Boba Boo milktea business cards

Designer: Jobelle Bontilao

For: Boba Boo!

Boba Boo!, a bubble tea brand, has a brand identity filled with cute and quirky monster illustrations, inspired by the onomatopoeia “Boo!”

The business card stands out with its hand-drawn, crowded illustrations featuring different characters, mainly in black and white.

The back design showcases these monsters, with the hand-written logotype front and centre (not forgetting the famous vampire teeth illustrated below), creating a fun and catchy style.

Boba Boo milktea illustrations_interior


5. Baby & Kids Clothing Business Card

Buh Baby and kids clothing business card

Designer: José Alcantara

For: Buh! Baby & Kids Clothing

Buh! Baby & Kids is a clothing store that delivers clothes in an exclusive bag, assembled especially for each child based on his or her personal tastes and characteristics. The design idea is that children can have fun trying on clothes together with the little monsters.

The business card boasts a colourful, oversized logotype with an exclamation mark and a primarily purple background, while the letters that spell out the brand name come in different colours. It’s playful, cute, and friendly, reflecting the brand’s ethos.

Buh Baby and kids clothing brand identity2


6. Kkaebi Snack Brand Business Card

KKAEBI Snack business card

Designer: Montreeday Studio

For: Kkaebi Snack

Kkaebi Snack, a brand that bridges tradition and modernity, features traditional Korean snack-inspired patterns and tiny snack illustrations on its business card.

The combination of colourful patterns of different Korean traditional snacks on a brown background makes it eye-catching and unique. The contact info side remains clean and neatly organised with the info at the centre.

To make it more inviting, the illustrations inspired by the logo are added to enhance the image of a Korean traditional dessert store.

KKAEBI Snack brand identity


7. “Ice Demon” Ice Cream Brand Business Card

Ice Demon Ice Cream business card

Designer: Star Bai

For: Ice Demon

Ice Demon’s business card is a vibrant and playful representation of the brand. The core values of this local ice cream brand are freedom, happiness and health.

With a one-eyed blue monster logo and the slogan “BE REAL BE FREE,” this design exudes vitality and fashion power. Small, colourful monsters are also included in the business card to add a whimsical touch to the design.

Another worthy mention is how the letter “D” is purposely extended on the business card to fit all the adorable monsters for that eye-catching effect!

Ice Demon Ice Cream brand identity


8. Reading Monster Mobile Bookstore Business Card

Reading Monster House business card

Designer: Pyong Tan

For: Reading Monster House

Reading Monster House is a travelling bookstore that occasionally hosts book fairs at college campuses, local markets and other locations.

The goal of the design is to encourage reading in a fun and relaxed way while recommending good books to everyone. Unleash your inner (reading) beast and satisfy your voracious reading appetite!

This business card, designed for Reading Monster House, is minimalistic and playful. The card has a vertical layout that perfectly depicts a hand-drawn logo of a monster chewing on a book.

The business card is mainly white, with the edges painted black. Another interesting element is how some of the contact info is slightly slanted to create a dynamic vibe.

As for the logo? The name “读嚼兽” (“Du Jue Shou”) means the beast that reads and chews in Mandarin, and it sounded similar to “独角兽” (“Du Jiao Shou”), which means unicorn. That’s why a logo featuring a unicorn monster makes perfect sense.

Reading Monster House stationery


9. Santo Domingo Taco Truck Business Card

Santo Domingo Taco Truck business card

Designer: The Hungry Design

For: Santo Domingo

The business card for Santo Domingo, a taco truck and catering service, boasts a skull illustration that represents hot sauce.

With a retro and stylish vibe, it utilises a retro-inspired typography and a colour scheme of dark green, orange, black, and white.

The orange colour used in this design reminds us so much of the Halloween vibe, so we had to include it in the list!

Santo Domingo Taco Truck brand identity


Halloween is the time to dive into all things quirky and spooky, and while most of these listed business card designs are absolutely adorable (due to the mascots), they all tell a unique story, reflecting the brand’s identity and make it memorable!

Whether you’re looking for inspiration to spice up your brand identity or simply want to revel in the creative spirit of the season, these cards are sure to delight you (we know, ‘cause we had huge fun compiling this list).

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