About Us

CardDsgn (or CardDesign) is determined to preserve the creativity of (paper-based) Business Card Designs in a digital world. We believe in these little cards to build bridges among business owners and prospects; leaving lasting impressions between new acquaintances/collaborators and even serve as a mini-portfolio for potential clients.

We are your go-to resource for finding that special, eye-catching, timeless business card design. Our task is to curate the creative/unique work of designers from all over the world for your viewing pleasure. We arrange the information received and presenting them in a professional way – consisting of design inspirations (with pictures) and printing details – shared exclusively by the designers themselves!

Here in CardDsgn, we respect all designers’ work immensely. Therefore we hope you will do the same by not copying their work without permission.

Thank you for supporting our effort. We hope you’ll be inspired browsing through our site.