Frequently Asked Questions:

We know you have tons of questions about our site and how to get featured etc. Check out the answers below. 

1. How do I get my business card design featured on CardDsgn Gallery?

We mainly feature business card submissions from fellow designers so feel free to submit your card design to us or via Instagram (PMs or tagging). However, we do recommend using emails since we check our emails regularly. PMs or tagging may be missed or overlooked since we receive many taggings/PMs daily.

2. How do I know if my business card design gets chosen?

We will reply to the designer via email to notify about the acceptance of his/her business card submission.

3. Do all the card submissions get accepted/featured?

All business card submissions will go through review. Only the chosen designs get featured on our site and social media channels.

While some card designs might not get chosen for the first round, we still keep the files under ‘KIV’ for other potential platforms in near future. It’s possible for us to revisit the submissions again for feature but one thing for sure: once your card design gets chosen, you will be notified by us via email.

4. How do I increase my chance to get featured?

Designs that are able to meet the below criteria will get a higher chance to be featured:

  • Unique and creative designs
  • Clear and creative presentation of your business card design: able to provide at least two business card images that showcase both front and back of the card clearly, apart from other branding pictures. We don’t mind mockups as long as the business cards are well presented.
  • Detailed and original design info: preferably original, unique content about the design. However, it’s ok too for the designer to reuse the content from their own website/Behance page but it’s recommended to share more insights about the business card design, since we are focusing more on the business card instead of the entire branding.
  • Be responsive to questions/emails: this will increase the designer’s chance for a second and upcoming features.
  • Complete image files with design details: kindly make sure the business card picture(s) and design details are both included during the submission. Incomplete submissions will be disregarded. Please refer to our card submission page for the required design info.

5. How long does it take for my business card design to get featured?

We normally queue the feature based on ‘first come first serve basis’, which means the sooner we receive the complete design info and image files, the sooner we can queue the feature for publish. In rare occasions, we might rearrange the features to diversify the content. However, since we only feature 5-6 designs per week, it is possible that some designers might need to wait slightly longer if our submissions increased. Even so, rest assured that once we inform you that your business card design is accepted (complete with info and pictures), your design will get published.

Although we can’t control the amount of submissions received,  we do have an alternative for designers who wish to publish their work sooner.

And of course, lastly… 

6. Do you design or print business cards?

No. We feature the work of designers but do not design/print the business cards. We DO NOT have an online store, nor do we offer design or printing services. Our official social media links can be found on our site. Any online printing services that claim to be us are frauds and should not be associated with us in any way.

We are, however, compiling a directory of designers and printers for your convenience*.

*The directory is for your reference only, which you can view their featured work on our site (if have) or their own portfolio and contact details. Please note that we do not involve ourselves in the transactions or collaborations between the designers/printers and their potential leads/customers. 


Hopefully we’ve answered most of your enquiries. If not, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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