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Real Estate Paragon Business Card

Real Estate Paragon business cards

Vighnesh Dudani designed these business cards for Real Estate Paragon, a boutique real estate company based in North America. “The company is focusing on providing clients with a portfolio of signature properties in the most alluring communities and real estate…

Bing Haus Ice Cream Shop Business Card

Bing Haus business card

Meiwen designed these business cards for Bing Haus, an ice cream shop that also serves coffee and tea located in San Diego, California. Bing Haus is a stylish little dessert shop that has been open since 2016. It’s a space…

Alchemy Talent Consulting Business Card

Alchemy Talent Consulting Business Card_1

Jennifer Pace Duran designed these business cards for Alchemy Talent Consulting, a company which believes that humanity and good business go hand-in-hand. Alchemy Talent Consulting was founded by Jesyka Simpson, who approached Jennifer for the branding project. The idea was…