CardDsgn Feature Express

CardDsgn Feature Express for quick publishing

What is CardDsgn Feature Express?

CardDsgn Feature Express is an alternative for designers who want to feature their (chosen) work within 2 days.


Why choose CardDsgn Feature Express?

At CardDsgn, regular business card features are free of charge, and we normally publish the designs on a “first come, first served” basis.

This means that the sooner we receive your complete design info and pictures, the sooner we can queue your business card feature for publication. On rare occasions, we may rearrange the features to diversify the content.

Since we only feature 4-5 designs per week, so it’s possible that some designers may need to wait longer to publish their work if our submissions increase. However, we understand that some designers may be eager to showcase their work to the public.

While we cannot control the number of business card submissions we receive daily, we do offer an alternative: for a small fee of USD20, you can secure a slot for your chosen design to be posted within 2 days.


Is CardDsgn Feature Express FREE?

As mentioned earlier, each ‘express’ request we ask for USD20 for completing the feature on website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest within 2 days.

We will review your request within 24-48 hours, and if your design is accepted, we will email you the PayPal payment link.


What if I don’t want to choose CardDsgn Feature Express?

If you prefer not to choose CardDsgn Feature Express, you can still submit your design for our our regular feature, which is free of charge.

The CardDsgn Feature Express is only for designers who want to publish their (chosen) work within 1-2 days. Otherwise, everything remains the same, and posting will be queued based on a first come, first served basis.

Once we email you to let you know that your design has been accepted, rest assured that your business card feature will be queued and published as scheduled.

If you wish to choose CardDsgn Feature Express, kindly let us know in your email response. Otherwise, all submissions will be treated as regular features.


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